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sounds like an anime character.

anyhoo.  oh where is my cousin in law.  cody is hot. 
heh.  but he is probably in reno, unless he stayed in walnut
creek.  heaven knows why.  that place is coooold.  but
then again, i live in the valley, and its usually 110 around here in
the summer.  it was only 75 there yesterday.  crazy. 
why do fools fall in love.  i get to see kyle tomorrow. 
yay.  and bryan.  double yay.  and erika.  how many
yays can you say all at once?  ew, i have to see danny
tomorrow.  and the sour kangaroo.  blah.  maybe they
wont be there.  heh yeah right.

its ok to be angry, and never let go.  it only gets harder the
more that you know.  when you feel lonely and no ones around, you
know that ill catch you when youre fallin down.  we came together,
but you left alone, and i know how it feels to walk out on your
own.  maybe someday i will see you again and youll look me in my
eyes and call me your friend.  take you away from that empty
apartment.  you stay and forget where the heart is. 
someday.  if ever you loved me youd say its ok…

*sighs* wanna read the insiders.  too restless.  she wants
school to start.  who cares if i have to wake up at 5:30? 
frieeends.  anyhoo.  me thinks ill grab a fudge sicle and
talk to my david. 


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  1. ahh you have succumb to this goodness. subscribe to me, i command it.

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