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watched wildfire and beautiful people last night.  bp made me
happy, wildfire did not.  stupid chris and her stupid self,
choosing junior over matt.  but anyways, im rambling.

the dance was PHENOMENAL.  im not even kidding.

john danced with me.  for real.  he just came right up to me
and we started to freak, and it was like, we suddenly clicked into
place, you know?  i mean, ive liked the guy for more than a year
now (damn has it been a year already??  wow…), but we only
recently started talking.  and…wow…ill never forget that
night.  had fun with josh and erika and chelsea and julia and
adrienne and cody and all them people.  becca and heidi were
thrown in there somewhere.  it was a good night.  a really
good night.

i love jimmy.  random, but hey.  i realized how much i love
him yesterday, totally out of the blue, we were just kind of standing
there, and it hit me like a freakin ton of bricks.  i love
him.  i cant let him go.  at least not right now.

tomorrow is wednesday.  heh.  mickey d’s, here we come. 
anyhoo.  my contacts hurt, and its really cold in my house, so im
gonna snuggle under the blankets and think of people.


smile.  it just might be the last time do it.

do you ever get that feeling where all of a sudden, youre not thinking
at all, youre just zoning out, and you get tunnel vision, and your head
starts to spin just a little, until all of a sudden you have to hold on
to something to keep from falling?

then it stops and all youre left with is a headache.

when theres no where thats safe to go to, where do you run to? 
who do you run to?  what compels you to run to that person? 
why is there no safe place to begin with?  shouldnt you always
have a place of security?

maybe im asking too many questions.  maybe i should be giving some answers.


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  1. safe place? try running around like your on fire, no safe place, just forward.

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