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another blackout.  of an entirely different variety.  wed
been together for about two hours, when finally it got to the point
where i was falling asleep with my eyes open.  things just tire me
out.  i cant help it.  if you had been laying with your loved
one for two hours, wouldnt you feel the need to just fall asleep?
but i was trying to stay awake.  he was talking to me, and i know
it was something important, but his words were turning into mumbles, or
maybe that was my brain garbling the sounds into nothingness, making it
so much easier to just close my eyes…
his chest starts vibrating, and i realize hes chuckling softly at
me.  i turn my head to look at him.  “wha?” i say, trying to
sound awake, and failing miserably.  being this close to him is
like downing nyquil, you get so heavy, and so far gone, nothing really
matters but the present anymore.
“youre tired, arent you?” he says, more of a statement than a question.
“no” i say, but already ive started drifting again.  he laughs
again, the movements of his chest comforting, and i slip deeper into
his arms.
“go to sleep” he says to me, kissing my forehead lightly, and my eyes
finally close for good.  my dream is the same.  i cant tell
where i am, a house, a store, anywhere, the point is, its night, and i
can hardly see anything.  its so dark, but heavy, like black
velvet, enclosing me in nothingness.  were running again, now i
realize were in an alley of some sort.  running faster and faster,
but still we only manage to get just far enough away.  the blast
is deafening, and searing hot, burning my back, and we both go flying
across the street, landing face down on the pavement.  and still
he pushes onwards, getting up, his face scratched and blood leaking
from his lips and cheeks, making his face almost unrecognizable. 
i look at my other side, watching our companion getting up as
well.  her hair is flying everywhere, all in her face, her eyes
are wide with dread and panic, and she pumps her arms, pushing her
small legs as hard as they can go, as hard as i know they can.  i
run as well.  down the street, past moss-covered buildings and
rusty cars, as if nothing here has ever been used at all, just sitting
and rotting away.  more blasts from behind us, more heat, more
blood, not enough air.  im choking now, coughing, chest heaving,
still trying to run.  zero looks back at me, already hes pulled in
front, and screams at me, but no noise comes from his cracked
lips.  theres no need for it, though.  he only says one word
to me, “run”.  but i cant.  finally, my foot catches, and i
wait for the inevitable crack of forehead against cement.  but it
never comes, because someones caught me.  and its not zero, or
bunny.  its him.  his arms are around me, holding me up,
keeping me from falling behind, from letting myself be engulfed in the
chaos happening at our backs.  but its no use.  i see that as
soon as i look down.  his leg is a bloody mess.  he cant
run.  he cant do anything, i realize, except hold me close,
imprisoning me against his chest, turning me away, trying to save
ME.  i bury my face in his bloodstained shirt, and scream–
my eyes snap open, and my chest starts to constrict.  it feels
like id had a death grip on my throat, and all of a sudden it had been
“are you ok?”  his voice his laced with concern, and i turn my
head slightly to look at him.  then i realize im sqeezing his
fingers so tight theyre starting to turn red.  i immediately let
go, and he takes my hand instead, caressing the back of it with his
thumb.  “are you ok?” he asks again.  he wont stop until he
gets an answer, i know, so i nod my head softly, trying to catch my
breath.  his arms slide around me tighter, and he kisses my cheek,
which calms me down a little more.
“bad dream?” he asks me, and i turn in his arms, so that i can lay my
head against his chest.  hes so warm, and im so cold, all i want
is to just be with him, let him hold me.
“yeah” i say softly into his shoulder, and his fingers rub my back
comfortingly.  after a while, he kisses me, a heartfelt apology
for making me so upset, though it wasnt even his fault.  me and my
damn head.  my subconscious needs to take a long walk off a short
pier.  and soon, it does, and all that matters is his lips against
mine, his arms around my waist, and the tiny spots on his back that
make him shudder and moan..


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