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*hangs up*

no lies.
well i was going to write about something.
there was in fact a point,
at some point.
but its been pushed out by meagan strelkas being ridiculously promptness challenged.
ill just have to ramble on.
rambling on and on about rubbish.
here i go.

ill give you palm trees
and rainbows,
and some buttons of color,
and some amazing jumping penguins,
ill give you pirate clay pots
and lots of money,
and some clothes fit for someone so sanguine.
ill give you niceties,
but only for today,
cause normally im not niiice.
but i thought,
you know,
she outta have some old spice.

joyeux anniversaire pour adrienne
queen of darkness,
and piracy.

wull.  fair tonight.
we be partying like a rock.
cause this is why,
this is why,
this is why im adopted.

i still really cant remember what i was going to write about.
so when i do,
ill holla back grrl.
right now,
ima go eat some sherbert with eric.



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