Blog #1: Self-Introduction, or Explaining My (Shakespearean) Rose

…Because he was the one that coined, “___ by any other name would smell as sweet.”

So even though my middle name is this:


The stem of that bud really grew from multiple points.  My middle name came from the mother of this man here:

(who is my father)

But my first name came from this woman here:

I was named after my father’s departed best friend, a man, and when I popped out a girl my mother made the necessary adjustments, since my father was too busy fainting at the sight of the blood.

But the point here is who I am isn’t easily summed up in a sentence.  Who I am is a collaboration of all the people, places, and things in my life.  Who I am is the girlfriend of this man:

The best friend of this woman:

The sister of these wonderful siblings (and yes, I am the baby, before you ask):

The aunt of these amazing kids who are all going to kill me before I turn 30:

Who I am is influenced by these amazing best friends, very very heavily:

Who I am originated in this little town (Merced):

Who I am has ancestors that originated from here (Ireland):

Who I am loves things like this:

And above all, who I am is such an enormous accumulation of influences, people, interests, thoughts, places, motivations, hopes, dreams, losses, gains, transformations, mundane facts, extraordinary quirks, and any other type of THING you could think of, that who I am isn’t going to fit onto this blog post.  Anymore than it would fit into the entire expanse of the universe.

One thing I CAN assure you, and document here without doubt or stipulations, is that all of the above pictures and lists and little tidbits form together to create this:


So there’s the explanation of who Samantha Rose Meroney is.  Who are you?